Unlocking the value of your crypto coins.

Integrating crypto currencies into the real world economy.

Accept payments across Africa effortlessly

Set up paylink

Set up paylink payments for your business, events, donations, and more effortlessly.

Accept payments in stablecoins

Accept stablecoin payments throughout Africa hassle-free.

Withdraw in local currencies

Withdraw payments direct to your bank accounts or mobile networks

Pay for utility services, settle bills & Earn

Electricity Bills

Pay for your residential or commercial electricity charges and fees.

Airtime & Internet Bundles

Pay for your Internet connectivity services and bills.

TV Subscriptions

Make payments for your DSTV, Netflix, GoTV, ZUKU, or other television subscriptions.

Government Services

Pay for government utility charges & bills such as parking fees.


You have the option to lend your acquired coins and receive interest in return.

Tips & Reward

Offer cryptocurrency coins as a tip or reward to your friend.

Supported crypto assets

We support assets on major blockchain networks like Stellar, Celo and Ethereum network.

Celo Dollar (cUSD)
USD Tether (USDT)

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